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Teh Drink Grasshopper

The traditional minty dessert drink. Not for Girlscouts.

Buddy Name Text Date
Chris Welcome to DrinkingBuddy.org! Feel free to leave a message here! 09-06-06

Drink Name Text Date
Veteran This will surely make you ready for a bit of the old ultra-violence. 03-18-07
Mind Eraser The club soda can easily be substituted with Ginger Ale, Sprite, or some other non-cola drink. It gives the Mind Eraser a bit of a sweeter finish. 08-11-06
Neapolitan Shooter It's kind of funny that I just started reading Achewood yeasterday. Man, what a great comic. 07-20-06
Jager Bomb Yeah, that was my fault. Whoops. 07-10-06
Banana Cow What's going on here? 06-28-06
Bananarama I love this name 06-27-06
The Lion's Roar The Lion's Roar is :waycool:! I pretty much choked to death! 12-07-05

Bar Name Text Date
Shaggy's On Main Get their Mojito. It's delicious. 05-25-06