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Liqueurs & Cordials



The Following Drinks Contain Galliano
Name Type Description
Astor Place Cocktail The patron drink of the hip hangout.
Scitalina Cocktail This is how you mame Scots and Italians get along.
Summer Blossom Cocktail A blood orange bloomer.
The Academic Cocktail Dr. Galliano and Prof. Orange are presiding over this class. Be sure to take notes.
The Following Drinks Contain Liqueurs & Cordials - Herb
Name Type Description
Archbishop Cocktail Bow down before the one you serve. At least the one that serves you this drink.
B and B Cocktail B and B is a type of cocktail, made from equal parts brandy and Benedictine. The brandy is floated on top of the Benedictine in a cordial glass without mixing.
Bob Marley Shooter A layered tri-color drink. It will taste sweet, spicy, and herbal wihtout any of the flavors being overpowering.
Bobby Burns Martini Cocktail A poet that know it. Knew it.
Flatliner Shooter It tastes like burning!
Jager Bomb Shooter Caffeine and alcohol - who could go wrong?
Jager Bomb Cocktail Jagermeister and Redbull A lightly carbinated drink that tastes slightly of sweet licorice which contains caffeine and Taurine.
Monkey Shine Cocktail Monkey Shine use 1oz Back Forest Devil, 1oz Creme Banana, 1oz lemon juice, 1.25oz peach juice then tonic to taste, stir, lemon peel
Nazi Taco Shooter A punishing shot reserved for birthdays or any time you want to make your friends/ enemies hurt. It's like being trampled by a hoard of goose-stepping tortillas.
Red Headed Slut Shooter She's a little dark, but damn, she's delicious.
Screaming Nazi Shooter This goose-stepping shot is perfect for a hard night of drinking.
Tipperary Scotch Cocktail Cocktail The original Tipperary calls for Irish whiskey.