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Tequila Rose

Liqueurs & Cordials



A strawberry creame flavoured liquer with tequila.

The Following Drinks Contain Tequila Rose
Name Type Description
Neapolitan Shooter Shooter A layered drink created by Ray at Achewood.com
Slippery Cock Shooter A compliment to the Wet Pussy. This one goes down hard.
Wet Pussy Shooter A wet pussy is a flesh colored shot that goes down smoothly.
The Following Drinks Contain Liqueurs & Cordials - Strawberry
Name Type Description
Chocolate Covered Strawberry Shooter This shot is just what you would expect it to be. The chocolate liqueur adds a silkiness to the shot and the vodka adds a bite. It can also be expanded into a cocktail for those who love it a little too much.
Paradise Island Shooter A yummy shot, Hawaiian style.
Strawberry Jolly Rancher Punch A drink that tastes like a strawberry flavored Jolly Rancher.