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Llords Peach Schnaaps

Liqueurs & Cordials



The Following Drinks Contain Llords Peach Schnaaps
Name Type Description
Red Headed Slut Shooter She's a little dark, but damn, she's delicious.
Sex On The Beach Cocktail An awesome cocktail made of vodka and peach schnapps, tasting of summer and beaches (but in a good way)
The Following Drinks Contain Liqueurs & Cordials - Other
Name Type Description
After The Rain Cocktail Silver droplets of great taste.
Alabama Slammer Cocktail Down home driller.
Ambrosia Cocktail Fruity and rich, this is the drinks of the gods.
Andromeda Cocktail Gin + 4 liqueurs = a rocket trip to the stars. Delicious!
Bald Pussy Cocktail It's mighty cold down here.
Bastard Child Cocktail Named from the offspring of Spanish sailors, c. 1492?
Buttery Nipple Shooter Named after two of my favorite things in the world. This shot is smooooth.
Carmel Apple Shooter A Carmel Apple shot is made to taste exactly like carmel poured over a green apple would.
Scotch Irish Shillelagh Cocktail Named after an oaken cudgel or club historically used for beating people. Remember this when drinking this.
Sparticus Shooter Over throw your own empire!