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Neapolitan Shooter

Shooter submitted by TheCIASentMe on 07-20-06

Drink has not yet been rated Teh ratingz.

A layered drink created by Ray at Achewood.com

 Servings: 1  Change
 Coconut Rum, 1 dash(es)
 Llords Cream de Cocoa - Dark, 1 Part
 Tequila Rose, 1 Part
 Whipping Cream, 1 Part

Layer ingredients in order of:Cream de CocoaTequila RoseWhipping CreamThen SLOWLY add coconut rum.Optional: Use light cream.

Serve InGlass ImageTriple Shot Glass
Alcohol ContentRoughly 14% or 28 proof
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Uploaded by TheCIASentMe on 07-19-06

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Buddy ImageTheCIASentMe (07-19-06)

I made some educated guesses. So please correct me if I am wrong as I was unable to find the original on the site.

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Chris (07-20-06)

It's kind of funny that I just started reading Achewood yeasterday. Man, what a great comic.