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Featured Drink: Backdraft
Shooter submitted by Wandering Idiot
Rated 10 after 1 votes
A Backdraft is a concoction in which to be properly performed, you set fire to it (Warning: Fire Hazard). Goes down smooth but for all the 151.
Backdraft1 oz. Bacardi 1511/2 oz. Amaretto1/2 oz. Crown RoyalYou need a glass that you can cover the mouth of with your hand. This is essential.Once you have your glass appropriately sized to your palm, dump in your Amaretto and Crown Royal, topping it off with the 151. Now, when you're ready, lick or wet your palm (to keep from burning yourself), light the concoction with a barbeque lighter. It may take a bit to get the drink lit properly, but once it holds a flame, let it set for a moment then slam your hand over the glass.Covering the glass with your hand causes a vacuum and IT WILL SUCK YOUR PALM INTO YOUR GLASS. Leave your hand on the glass for a good 10 seconds to insure that you won't have a reflame (Backdraft). Bring your glass, still covered, up to your mouth, uncover, down the shot, and cover the glass again as quickly as possible.After your shot, hold off for about 5 seconds, bring the glass back up, uncover, and breath in the "fumes" through your mouth, proceed to cough for 2 minutes. Rinse glass, refill, find lighter and repeat. I cannot stress enough, this is a dangerous concoction, and unless you are comfortable with using fire, I suggest against actually lighting due to the risk of, well, setting your unexperienced ass on fire.

Serve In: Does Not Matter

  1. Amaretto, 0.5 oz.
  2. Bacardi 151 Rum, 1 oz.
  3. Crown Royal, 0.5 oz.
Alcohol Content
Roughly 55.75% or 111.5 proof
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